Jacqui Robinson       Chairperson

I was a Pharmacist and am now a Medical Practice Manager. I have grown up in the world of doing business for the Christian God and continue to live and breathe it. I am also chairperson of the active Missions Working Group in my Anglican Church and believe in supporting God's Kingdom and Will being 'done on earth as it is in heaven'. I believe in grace and transformation and trying to live in the world as if there wasn't sin or brokenness!

I dont have any fancy qualifications or degrees in Spirituality but I bring natural abilities to supporting Tall Trees Resource and to my role as chairperson including being a big picture person and going the second mile and never giving up.


Margaret Robinson 

Margaret has a passion for connecting across communities and cultures to promote wholeness and healing, generosity, love and justice, a big part of which is her faith journey as a Christian.

Her area of employment for the last 20 years has been in public libraries, specialising in children's and young-adult literature and activities. She loves the potential for understanding and change that the written and spoken stories bring. 

Before working in public libraries she was a social worker and researcher in Australia and England - an indication of her lifelong fascination with people and their lives.

Her family remains a source of enormous joy and meaning and challenge. Married to Ian for nearly 40 years has meant they have shared (and continue to do so) many adventures together. Journeying in the deserts with him has brought gifts of awe and stillness, along with great stories of endurance and unexpected delight. Their greatest adventure together has been in parenting three wonderful (now adult) children.

Margaret brings to the Tall Trees board a capacity to listen and ask good questions, some well nuanced observations and understandings about crossing cultural boundaries and building community, a faithful commitment to be grounded, accountable and compassionate, and a quirky sense of humour.



Ann Scoullar

I am a registered psychologist working in private practice at Ferndale and Bassendean. Over the last 15 years I worked in varied industrial chaplain in Victoria. I became a Christian when I was a teenager and have been actively involved in the Uniting Church of Australia. Now I am a member of the Nedlands Uniting Church.

I first got involved in Tall Trees and spirit journeys in 2010 when I participated in my first desert trip. I found that the desert experience was beneficial for my soul and my emotional well-being. Being in the desert and trying new challenges is consistent with the value driven life that I assist my client’s to find. Being in-touch and mindful of the desert brought me to a presence and peaceful experience.  The challenges and living in a community increased my self-confidence. 

After my first trip I went to live in Alice Springs where I completed a 4 WD course.  I found that I had gained knowledge and confidence about driving. The course extended these skills and knowledge about being safe in the desert and other situations.  Tall Trees has provided an opportunity for spiritual growth and being involved in the committee is a way for me to reach out to others.



Ric Barrett-Lennard

Ric grew up on a farm at Wongan Hills and attended the Wongan Hills Primary School and later Guildford Grammar School.  Ric spent a 'gap year' working on the farm during which time he experienced a call to ordained ministry.  He then studied for an Honours degree in History at the University of Western Australian before going to the UK to undertake theological studies at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University. 

Following his studies Ric was ordained deacon and priest on Perth in 1978 and was then a 'curate' for two years in Fremantle-Beaconsfield Parish as it was then.  He was appointed Rector of Bruce Rock-Narembeen in 1980 and spent four years there.  He then undertook postgraduate studies at Macquarie University, Sydney from 1985.  During that period Ric also spent twelve months undertaking research at the University of Heidelberg in Germany.  He completed his doctoral studies in the middle of 1988.

In July 1988, Ric was appointed Anglican Chaplain at Murdoch University and also Associate Priest in Willagee-Winthrop Parish.  He became Rector of the new Parish of Murdoch Winthrop in 1991.  From 1989 Ric also began some part time teaching in theology at Murdoch University which he continues to do. Ric became Rector of Northam and Archdeacon of the Goldfields country Region in 2004.  He concluded his ministry there at the end of 2008 and took up the position as Rector of Bicton-Attadale from 1 February 2009 where he is still the Rector.

Ric is married to Julie who is also an Anglican Priest who has now retired.  He has two sons who live in Sydney.  In his spare time Ric likes to do woodwork and metalwork in his workshop and loves fixing things.  He is also a regular bike rider and walker.



Bruce Robinson

Bruce is a lung specialist at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and a researcher.

His cancer research program has led to many world first discoveries. He has published hundreds of papers and book chapters, has won numerous prestigious awards and is widely acknowledged as the world leader in this field.

He also directs the UWA Fathering Project aimed preventing adolescent problems such as substance abuse, crime, depression, violence and poor school attitudes via the encouragement of strong and appropriate father figures. He has written 6 books on fathering and is publicly acknowledged as ‘the Fred Hollows of fathering in Australia’.

He has also shown ‘love for our neighbours’ making 5 trips to Aceh as a volunteer after the tsunami struck there in 2004 and is now an Honorary Professor in two Indonesian universities.



Rich Read

Rich is now Director of Chaplaincy in the Allied Health Department at Royal Perth Hospital. He has also been a Professor of Veterinary Surgery at Murdoch University and James Cook University and has traveled extensively through the world with veterinary practise. He has held numerous community leadership roles.

For many years he has been a leader on Spirit Journeys and has an extensive photographic collection many of which are shown in the book This Thirsty Heart.

Other profiles still coming!