Tall Trees on the Road of Reconciliation

Bringing Them Home Committee WA Inc 


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Sorry Day

is May 26 

In Perth the main event is at Wellington Square, while schools and businesses in increasing numbers are also holding their own small commemorations. So much to learn, to face, to gain.

It is not too much to say that this is like Anzac Day. It is a day that recognizes the thousands of lives traumatized by official removal policies against Aboriginal children, recognizes the heroic courage with which the families now face the ongoing impacts, and takes real steps to bring us all home to a reconciled resilient and just society.

The Federal Apology day was Feb 13 2008 (pictured above) and is not as significant to Aboriginal families as Sorry Day. Even though it was  a momentous day, and even though it was important recognition, there is so much more to be done. Join us on Reconciliation Road. See what it feels like to 'come home' in Australia like never before.