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The ACE of Hearts

Every organisation and movement has its 'evangelists'.  They are infectious with enthusiasm, and they get us out of our ruts and resistance. Some do it well, others make us cringe.  We can hide away or we can do something that develops Authentic Community Enagagement (ACE of Hearts).

In the church, the image of the 'evangelist' is tarnished with scandal, but the simple fact is that the ongoing work of compassion and justice requires new blood, new ideas, new commitments and an ancient depth of spirit - which Jesus brings to the person who sources it from him. So let's find that again.

This distance-based course explores the gift and calling of the Christian evangelist.  We know what that used to look like, but how will this God-given gift be practised and recognised today? What is authentic community engagement today? This course is for those who are doing it and want to reflect on their practise. 

Who is it For?

What's Involved?

Who wrote the course?

If, on the other hand, you want to generally explore your own faith, ACE is not for you - see Makes You Wonder or Ian's Blog.



A course written by

Conrad Parsons and Ian Robinson

Sponsored in WA by PNEUMA, the Pastoral

Network of Evangelicals Uniting in Mission


Edited by Eileen Turner, © St John's Extension Studies, Nottingham NG9 3RL. Used with permission.

Do it well

Evangelism for Evangelists equips those Christians who can’t really stop themselves from wan"ng to talk about faith in Jesus to those outside the church. You may not call yourself an evangelist, but does that start to describe you? Are you trying some new things in your own way? Making some excellent mistakes? Evangelism for Evangelists is not for those who don’t know where to start. (For this, see Makes You Wonder” by Ian Robinson.)

How does it equip you? Some ques"ons will ask you to make connections between your study and your own experience; for these there can be no ‘right answers’ for everyone. You will choose a mentor to discuss these.

Other ques"ons or tasks are for group study. If you are studying with other people, these ques"ons are meant to help you have an ‘agenda’ for your mee"ngs together. You may like to invite a group of friends to meet with you regularly just to discuss this course – it will be good for all of you.

You will also find ‘tutor assignments’, though you do not have to complete all of them. Individual Assignments should be sent to your tutor as you complete them, so that you can learn from their comments before tackling the next one. The Course Coordinator will assign a tutor to you.

So, it can be done in a group, or by extension. The whole course is designed to take 150‐200 hours at the level of the first year of a degree course. This course is not accredited with a university or VTAB.

The course will cost $250. Enrolments close on 26 January to commence study in February, completing just one part per month.

See course content in ten parts.

APPLY IN WRITING before Jan 26 to Rev Dr Ian Robinson, 21 Jackson Rd Karawara WA 6152, or stating the reasons why you wish to do the course, including contact details and the names of two referees. Do not send money until you have been informed that your application is successful.

Summary of Course Content